Course: ACT

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ACT Preparation

The course begins with a diagnostic test from which the tutors get an idea about weak and strong areas of the students. Our experts prepare a personalized program for all the students after reviewing the diagnostic test results. The customized programs’ primary focus remains to eliminate the vulnerable area and change it to a strong one. 

Continuous tests develop the problem-solving ability in the students. These test papers include full length supervised practice tests along with independent practice tests given to the students as home assignments. Section-wise tests are also conducted. All the questions in the tests are designed by considering question banks offered by the colleges. Exam experts also give their input in preparing the papers, and our tutors also add some questions.

Apart from extensive learning resources, the students also learn to manage their time efficiently and maximize their scores using specific tips and tricks. 

Managing time in such exams is the most critical part of learning, and students are usually ignorant of that, so we help them out to figure out the same. 

ACT course includes: 

  • Assistance for the math, English and science sections of the test
  • Diagnostic Test Review 
  • Concepts and Approaches in all the subjects 
  • Review of more than five full-lengths supervised practice test (all sections)
  • More than five practice tests are given as home assignments and are reviewed. (all sections)

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Our tutors provide one-to-one online coaching by creating a recurring classroom session, which helps students to understand the concepts very clearly. Tutors provide step-by-step solutions with extensive practice problems and test papers for each topic. We prep students for their school and exams, creating confidence to solve any complex problems easily.

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