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PSAT is the Preliminary SAT. Both PSAT and SAT exams are almost identical, but the PSAT is 15 minutes less in time than the SAT exam. An SAT exam is of 3 hours (without essay), 3 hours and 50 minutes (with essay). Timings for PSAT is 2 hours 45 minutes, and there is no essay included in the test. 

Your PSAT score will determine your eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship, and your SAT scores are valued for college admissions and merit-based scholarships. The benefits of both the exams are similar and the preparation for one can complement the other.

At RPaul Academy, you will find best tutors to share their techniques and knowledge skills with you to help you score better and provide their expertise and helps you to score good.

We offer preparation in all kinds of exams and focus entirely on what student's demands and proceed accordingly. 

While preparing students for any exam, our best efforts remain to maintain a competitive learning environment in the classroom to provide the student with a similar experience as that of the real Test. Their pressure will give way to confidence very soon.

Rpaul Academy for PSAT preparation

Our PSAT Exam tutoring services initiate with diagnostic review test. After reviewing this test, we analyse the students' strengths and weaknesses, and with hard work and regular practice, manage to strengthen the weak areas. 

In our PSAT tutoring program, we have an interactive environment with a personalized program for each student, depending on where they need to put in more effort. The program sharpens critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students, which ultimately helps them to prepare for the SAT exam even more enthusiastically. 

We introduce the students to the basic test format, provide the best tips and strategies to solve questions and give ample practice papers like supervised practice tests and home assignments for the reading, writing, and math sections. 

Our primary focus remains on more and more practice. So, after the diagnostic review test, students are given the full-length supervised practice tests to solve.

Tests done by students are discussed in the class, and the detailed review is shared with the students, emphasizing the areas that require attention. Also, a scoreboard is maintained for every student to analyse their growth and advise them accordingly. 

PSAT Preparation course includes: 

  • Math Program: Basic math, Problem-solving, Data analysis, Algebra, Advanced math, and related topics.
  • Reading and Writing: In these students are taught to respond analytically to the information interpreted. 
  • The in-depth teaching of each subject.
  • Diagnostic Test Review.
  • Concepts and Approaches in both, math and reading and writing.
  • Number of Supervised practice tests and review for both the sections.
  • Number of home assignment practice tests.

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